How to Promote Affiliate Links: The Top Five Methods

Becoming an affiliate for an array of products can easily turn into a profitable venture, especially if you stay dedicated to the task. One of the most crucial parts of being an affiliate is to get potential customers to purchase products through your dedicated links, and you will surely need to know how to promote your links effectively. Below are the top methods for learning how to promote affiliate links so that you can attract more sales and earn more commission.

Ways to Promote Affiliate Links

1. Create a Blog

The first thing that you should consider doing when it comes to promoting your affiliate links is to establish a blog. Not only is a blog a great way to get your opinions out into the world, but it can also become a reasonable source of income for you and your family.

The best part about blogging is that it can be entirely free, especially if you use one of the many free blogging platforms on the internet. Not only will you be able to create a blog within a few minutes, but the platforms help you with the designing process so that you can create a customized website in under an hour.

When figuring out how to promote affiliate links with a blog, the first thing to focus on is content and how your website is going to be ranked on Google. Customers are far more likely to visit the first link on search engine result pages than any other link, and they’re very unlikely to go past the third URL on the first page.

With that being said, you first need to establish relevant and easy-to-read content with the help of SEO. Once you have your base content established, you can use hyperlinks that lead to your affiliate links.

As an example, if you’re selling a set of baking tools, write a blog about the top-rated baking tools for beginners and somewhere in your content, add a hyperlink to your dedicated affiliate page.

2. Design a Niche Website

Aside from blogging, niche websites are also an excellent idea for promoting your affiliate links, and they give you the ability to help people around the world as well. We recommend designing a product review website that is filled with reviews of different popular products that people might be interested in buying from online retailers, such as Amazon. With each product review that you create, you can then plug in your affiliate links so that if someone is interested in buying something that you review, accessing the purchasing page is a single click away.

The best thing about a review website is that the sky’s the limit and you can post links for absolutely any product that you might have an affiliate link for. There’s nothing that says just because you’re reviewing a tablet, you can’t have a separate post that discusses the best organic shampoos on the market as well.

3. Develop a YouTube Channel

YouTube has easily become one of the most popular social networking platforms, and it is a resource commonly used amongst businesses because you can reach a wide audience with ease. There’s nothing more easy to understand than videos, and with an established channel, you’ll easily be able to get people to click your specific affiliate link.

This doesn’t mean though that you have to become a daily vlogger or someone who shares their entire life online. What you can do is create a channel dedicated entirely to product reviews. You can then embed your affiliate link into your videos or in the product description below your videos and prompt your audience to click the link in your description.

With the help of videos, you’ll not only be able to garner a large audience, but you’ll also be able to show prospective customers how products work, what they look like in person, and give them more information than you wouldn’t be able to via text. At that point, they can decide as to whether they want to buy what you’re offering or not, and if they choose to make a purchase, your affiliate link is right below the video.

4. Use Instagram and Other Social Media Platforms

YouTube is quite useful when it comes to learning how to promote affiliate links, but there are plenty of other social media platforms that you can use to your advantage as well, such as Instagram. You would be surprised at the sheer amount of friends and family members who you’d be able to reach out to through Instagram alone and similar to YouTube, it’s a far more effective marketing tool than traditional text blogs.

With Instagram, you can create image-based or video-based posts that are all curated on your specific profile. You can then use hashtags to market your content to a larger population, attracting “Likes” and “Comments” that help to boost the visibility of your post. What we love the most about Instagram is that you can also write a caption under your image that connects with your audience to build trust and brand awareness.

Once you have your post created, you can add a link to the “Bio” section of your profile that brings visitors to your dedicated affiliate page so that they can purchase any of the items you’re affiliated with. If you have a blog or niche website, we recommend adding it to your “Bio” section as well.

5. Rely on Facebook

Facebook is slowly becoming one of the lesser-used social media platforms, but people still use it at the same rate as ever before when it comes to businesses. Facebook has always been looked at as one of the more reliable platforms for finding information about individual sellers and large businesses alike, and there’s no reason as to why you can’t use it to promote your affiliate links as well. Aside from your extensive list of friends and family members, you can also visit group pages and post your links in an effort to help someone find a product that might help them.

As an example, if you were to join an FB group with people discussing how they need specific hair styling tools and you know you’re affiliated with a couple of brands, you can join the group and post a link to help people find the right straighteners, hair curlers, etc.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your affiliate links is similar to promoting anything else on the internet. All you have to do is make sure that you take advantage of the resources that are given to you. With all of the different social media platforms, there’s certainly isn’t a shortage of marketing options, and all you need to do is know how to use each of the platforms to your advantage.

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