Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Almost everywhere on the internet, there are advertisements for different ways to earn income online. You’ve probably seen the “Earn $1,720 per month from home” posts and had your curiosity piqued. While these programs are usually scams, the ability to earn passive income online is very much real.

With the help of a little online marketing know-how and the power of Amazon Affiliates, you can join the ranks of the people on those advertisements – without giving them your credit card.

If you’ve ever Googled for product reviews or buyer’s guides for a product, chances are that you came across an Amazon niche site. These sites are usually built around a specific topic (electronics, pets, home and garden, and more) with various articles helping you to choose between products, reviewing new releases, and more. Along with the helpful information also comes the pitch – click our links (so we can earn a commission).

Amazon Affiliates is one of the largest commission-based affiliate systems in the world, allowing you to make a nearly endless amount of income just by having people click a link. Sound good? Keep reading to learn more.

Manage a Website

Who is Amazon Affiliates For?

Simply put – anyone can be an Amazon Affiliate. There is no barrier for entry, making it a tantalizing opportunity for those looking to earn some extra cash online. You simply need to find a way to convince people to click your referral links, and how you accomplish that is up to you.

However, in order to make the most of the affiliate program, we recommend that you learn some basic skills so that you can get up and running quickly and easily.

Know How to Build/Manage a Website

Websites and blogs are the most common way to get your referral links out to people. You draw them in with helpful articles that you publish and hope they click the links for the products you recommend. As you will likely be posting content frequently, you’ll want to know how to add and edit posts at the very least.

If you don’t know how to make a site, consider hiring a developer. Many affiliate sites are hosted on WordPress, which is easy to learn quickly but hard to master. If you want to set your site apart, a solid design will go a far way.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the primary ways you will drive traffic to your website. When people search for your keywords, you want to appear as close to the first spot as possible. This means that you’ll want to optimize your website and posts to be easily read by Google, improving your position and giving you more traffic – and more potential clicks.

Learn to Write Compelling Content

If your content isn’t good, it doesn’t matter how many people read it. With your posts, you are convincing people to buy something on Amazon with your link. If you aren’t convincing or your information isn’t helpful, they’ll be on their way. You can hire a content writer for this, but just know it will seriously cut into your profits.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

How It Works

To get started with Amazon Affiliates, all you need is an Amazon account and somewhere to get clicks from. An account is easy to get – simply signup on their website, fill out some information, and you’re all set. The website is a little bit harder, but if you’re not comfortable making your own, you can have one made by a developer.

Just be sure that the web address (URL) you go with relates to the category you plan to dabble in. The site doesn’t need much -– a blog to post articles to is the very core, with additional graphics or features being totally elective on your part. With WordPress and about an hour of tweaking, you can likely have something that will work just fine to start with.

Once you’re all setup, you can begin the fun part – getting content up. When you made your site, you chose a specific niche category to cover. Depending on what that category is, head over to Amazon and do some browsing in that category to see what is selling. If you sell household appliances, maybe blenders are in right now.

Once you find a type of product, you’ve got a topic for your article and can begin formulating the post. Consider a “best of” or buyer’s guide, as they give you the most opportunity to include links.

In order to monetize these posts, you’ll need to include affiliate links to products on Amazon to earn commission. You can get these by finding the product you’re recommending and grabbing a referral link from your Affiliates account. Once you have it, simply add a button or link on your page and you can start earning commission on any purchases made within 24 hours of clicking – even if they don’t buy the product you linked.

Once you’ve earned some money from your referrals, you can cash out via direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift cards. While a faster method like PayPal would be ideal, the ability to directly receive cash-equivalent payments automatically adds to the viability of the affiliates program.

Is It Worth It?

The main reason you’re considering being an Amazon Affiliate is for the extra income, so it’s important to judge if the time, effort, or investment into getting posts up is worth it.

Depending on your niche, you can earn up to 10% of the retail price of any products bought from your referral, with no limitations. This means that the more readers you get, the more clicks you can get and the more likely someone is to actually make a purchase – and you’ll need a lot of clicks for it to be viable!

Making Amazon Affiliates viable for you is a balancing act. If you’re able to manage and write for the site yourself, the startup costs are minimal (though you’ll pay with your time).

However, if you need help with writing, your expenses will shoot up, making it even more important that you get clicks to offset costs. Many affiliate sites start slowly and become profitable only once a solid userbase is established, so be prepared to sink a little bit of time or money in to make it work.

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