How to Become a Product Tester on Amazon

Amazon’s review system has revolutionized how people shop online. Community-driven reviews and feedback are so popular that people will read reviews on Amazon for a product they’re looking at in a store.

With pretty much every product on Amazon having a review, you can gain insight into a product without even owning it. This lets you make an informed decision on your purchase – something crucial to online shopping where you can’t hold the item in your hand or test it in the store.

As you can guess, this makes Amazon reviews incredibly important to Amazon, sellers, and buyers. With a total star-based rating system as well as the ability to write a review after purchase, there’s a lot of feedback to consider. 

A single review could make or break a sale with a customer, so having comprehensive, helpful, and honest reviews can be a great help when it comes to converting the customer.

In exchange for these reviews, both Amazon and individual sellers are sometimes willing to let you try a product for a free or heavily discounted rate. This way you can help products to improve, inform potential buyers, and earn some free stuff at the same time.

Making Yourself Eligible

Making Yourself Eligible

If you’re interested in becoming a product tester on Amazon, you’re not alone. The promise of free stuff is enough to draw the interest of many Amazon users, so there is no signup form to join. Instead, your eligibility is all about your Amazon Reviews profile – a collection of your reviews for products you’ve bought on Amazon and a ranking that evaluates your rating quality.

With each meaningful review you provide, people have the opportunity to upvote or rate your review as helpful. If you write solid, helpful content, you’re more likely to receive these votes, and each vote helps bring you closer to becoming a more valuable reviewer. Once you get to a certain level, you may be invited to join the Amazon Vine – Amazon’s special review committee.

How to Gain Trust Quickly

If you’re new to Amazon, you’re probably going to have to wait a while to even be in consideration for becoming a product tester. However, there are some things you can do to improve the value of your reviews and as a result, your value as a reviewer.

Use Videos and Pictures

Media is a great way to separate your review from the other walls of text in the review section. If you ordered something that needed to be assembled, take pictures of the things buyers won’t see in a listing – tools, screws, the pieces out of the box, etc. You can also take video of the item working to show more specifically what you can expect if you buy it, giving additional valuable insight.

Format Your Review

People don’t like to read solid walls of text, so a little formatting can go a long way to improving readability. If your review is easier to read, you’re more likely to get upvotes and gain trust.

Be Concise

While it’s possible to write a few thousand words for a product review, potential buyers don’t want to know every single detail – just the important ones. A TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) is a good way to summarize the review in a sentence. You can also use Pros and Cons to give an overview at a glance.

Use Videos and Pictures

Amazon Vine

Being a part of Amazon Vine is the highest praise you can get as a customer from Amazon. It means that they value your opinion, giving you a special checkmark on your reviews and promoting any reviews you make. Once you reach this ranking by providing solid information to help fellow customers make informed decisions, you become eligible for some “paid” (free but with a gift) reviews – jackpot.

If you have an eligible offer for a product review, Amazon will send you an email with a code or specific offer for the product. The products you receive are somewhat random, though you are more likely to receive products in your niche if your reviews are primarily in that category. The product could be anything from a $10 speaker to the newest PC headset that sells for a few hundred dollars. You never know.

Once you receive and review the product, you are expected to write a fair, honest, and helpful review as you have done previously. As long as you don’t break their rules, Amazon will not modify the review and the seller cannot either, giving you the opportunity to provide real feedback rather than a “bought” positive review. Does something stink? Let them know without worrying about losing potential opportunities in the future.

Once you’ve completed the review, you can keep and enjoy the product as a thank you for helping the community.

Private Reviews

If you haven’t been lucky enough to be chosen by Amazon as part of their Amazon Vine program, you can also consider applying for private reviews. Private reviews aren’t Amazon-sanctioned – instead you would be reaching out to sellers personally (or being reached out to) to offer a comprehensive review on their product in exchange for a heavy discount or free product.

While these can be a slippery slope (most sellers won’t be happy about negative reviews), more honest sellers are usually more than happy to receive an unbiased review to know what they need to work on – and a free product to test is more than worth it to them. This is especially true if you’ve become a trusted reviewer, which gives your reviews more weight than the standard user.

As long as you seem fair in your reviews, chances are they’ll consider it – a solid 4-star review is better than better than spammy 5-stars. Just know that being paid to write a positive review is against the terms of service – so make it clear that you will provide a comprehensive but unbiased review from the start. You’ll also want to state in your review that you were compensated for your review so that people can be aware of where your opinions come from.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? Becoming a product tester on Amazon is a highly sought-after perk, so if you want to rake in the freebies, you’ll have to show that you can help customers make informed decisions – good or bad.

To do this, you’ll need to provide regular, comprehensive, and unbiased reviews so that potential buyers and Amazon see the value you offer. Once you’ve got a solid profile, you can start to reach out to sellers or wait for the Golden Ticket from Amazon. Happy reviewing.

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