How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work: Things You Need to Understand

There are hundreds of thousands of people faced with ads that state, “I’m John Smith and I made $10,000 in one month using this service!” They then sit at their computers wondering what they can do to be in the same position as John Smith, no matter if it requires a $1000 investment.

Unfortunately, there are far too many promises on websites that simply aren’t realistic, but Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them. As a program that has been tested and proven true, it has made plenty of people question, “How does Wealthy Affiliate work?” As seemingly one of the last affiliate programs that don’t make empty promises, the WA platform could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

How to Start with Wealthy Affiliate

The very first thing you’re going to need to do is to sign up for an account on the Wealthy Affiliate website and compared to how the site was hosted in the past, it’s far more enticing in today’s day and age. Instead of being forced to pay money in order to gain access to the website’s “secrets”, you can opt for an entirely free account that doesn’t even require a credit card at sign up. This gives you the ability to browse through the basic features and resources that the program has without any hassles, and you can choose to upgrade your account if you desire.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who has already decided that Wealthy Affiliate is what you need to learn about online marketing and affiliate links, you can choose the Premium membership right off the bat, which costs $49/month. With that $49, you will have access to thousands of training materials ranging from informative videos to one-on-one coaching to help you achieve most, if not all, of your business goals.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

If you’re someone who is looking for a get-rich-quick solution that will enable you to leave your regular day job within the week, this is not the program for you, as Wealthy Affiliate is something that takes an investment of time and effort. If you’re wondering, how does Wealthy Affiliate work, the easiest way to explain it is that it’s an educational program.

With that being said, you will be responsible for reading through different text-based lessons, applying that knowledge to assignments and tasks, and watching various informative videos posted to the site. The way that the program is built is quite similar to an online college or university, which helps to make sure you become the most well-rounded affiliate marketer possible.

In order to have the program work in your favor, you’re going to need to establish realistic expectations from the first day that you sign in. You’re not going to be able to quit your job within the week, and you might not even make any money within your first month. However, the more time you invest in learning and applying your new skills, the faster you’ll be able to acquire money.

Learning in a Spam-Free Environment

When it comes to online marketing, a lot of people believe that it means throwing unrelated links all over the internet, and in some cases, this is what the untrained professionals do. Even in some of the most expensive affiliate marketing programs, you’re overwhelmed with spam from other users or upselling from the site itself to try out new products and services.

With Wealthy Affiliate, it’s an entirely different environment as they enforce a stringent, no-spam policy and the only upselling you’ll see is if you have a free account and should sign up for Premium. This means you’ll be able to browse through the forum with over 10,000 users and not be burdened by useless links to products and services.

Access to Step-by-Step Training

One of the most important things to know about online learning is that it’s hard to take accountability for the things that you are responsible for learning, especially if there isn’t a guideline to refer to. It’s far too often that people end up signing up for affiliate programs only to be given a single eBook that they have to read at their leisure.

In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate helps you to stay accountable and motivated with their step-by-step training model. Once you finish one task, it will immediately prompt you to begin the second task, and the site will keep track of your progress so that you always know what the next step of your training will be.

Access to Website Building Tools

Even if you’re a free member, you will still be able to benefit from the website tools available from Wealthy Affiliate. Even though it’s not necessary to own a website for affiliate marketing, it is recommended, especially when you first emerge onto the market. The built-in website builder will help you to make your very own site (or two, or three, etc.) without needing any previous knowledge in CSS or HTML. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and absolutely anyone will be able to own and manage a website with state-of-the-art hosting.

Learning in an Interactive Environment

Above all else, Wealthy Affiliate is designed to give everyone the ability to learn in an interactive environment if they want to. You can easily go through all of the materials on your own without ever having to engage with another person. However, if you’re a networking personality, you’ll love the community that the program has established.

There are interactive classrooms where you can chat with teachers and peers, forums where you can ask, answer, and read questions from other users, and the ability to use a one-on-one coach for personalized teaching. All of these features are entirely optional, but we recommend using them when you first start.

Final Thoughts

People who ask how does Wealthy Affiliate work are typically the ones who are most impressed with how the website and training materials are designed. With the ability to help absolutely anyone become the best affiliate marketer that they can be, anyone who signs up for an account will be able to take a few things away from the courses and training materials. It’s a relatively straightforward program that has a lot of information for you to go through and it’s also designed to help keep you motivated to achieve your business goals, as long as you are willing to put in the work.

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