Level Up Your Game Tried and Tested True Techniques for The Advanced Internet Marketer

It is an exciting place we are currently living in. Everyone is connected. Everything can be accessed easily. And that’s all thanks to the power of online connectivity. The internet has forever changed the playing field of marketing, and since the internet is also forever changing, like a live microorganism always growing and evolving, a marketer must also always be on his toes, ready to level up his game.

Are you looking to level up yours? Then you’re in the right place, my friend. Today, we are going to give you the hottest tried-and-tested digital marketing techniques. Be prepared, because the tactics that we are about to share with you are going to open the door to endless leads, profits, and possibilities!

We know you’re already excited, but before anything else, let’s just get one thing straight. This eBook is for the advanced internet marketer. This means that you already have the basic skill set and comprehension required. For example, when we say the terms SEO or optimization, you already know what we’re talking about; you already speak and understand the basic language.

We will be skipping the basics. This is not the book that will explain to you the mechanics of the industry. You already know how the industry works, more or less. This eBook seeks to guide the junior internet marketer—to give him or her ideas on how to put those basic skills to good use. We’re going next level here. We will be focused on specific goals.

Three Marketer Goals You Should Aim For

  • Less Time and Effort

The internet is a fast lane. You need to master juggling multiple balls all at the same time, so you need to learn how to create set-ups that provide you with the best results without having to spend a lot of time and effort.

  • More Connectivity

You also need to keep in mind that the online world is all about connectivity. That's one of the fascinating things about the internet—having the power to connect with anyone in the world at any given time. Take advantage of that power.

  • More Visibility

Finally, the best way to establish a solid connection with your clients (both existing and potential), is to simply be more visible. Visibility is the thread that connects all these goals together.

If you’re more visible online, your clients will find it easier to locate you in the vast sea of distractions and competitions. If they can locate you easily, or if they see you all the time (which will constantly remind them that you exist), you won’t need to put a lot of time and effort towards connectivity, but instead focus on the more important parts of your marketing agenda.

If you’re more visible, you will also find it easier to communicate and connect with your clients. So, you see, establishing a solid online presence is a very important part of the process.

Then again, keep in mind that you need to treat these goals as spokes to a wheel. You need to balance all of them. These goals need to not only work together, but they also need to work for you.

The Infinity Funnel

Yes, you’re not mistaken. The first technique that we’re going to share with you today is infinite. This means that once you have successfully set this up, its returns are endless. In fact, once this wheel starts turning all you really need to do from time to time is oil it, and you’re good to go.

The Old Sales Funnel

In order to appreciate the funnel that we are going to share with you today, let us first take a look at the traditional sales funnel. The process starts with capturing leads, setting up the grounds of your proposal, and making a convincing proposal. Then, the conversion happens, which is when the leads turn into paying clients. And that’s it! The funnel ends right there.

The only problem we have with this funnel is that you need to restart the process every single time it ends, and that takes a lot of time and effort! Remember our first goal? This is the reason why we are going to set up…

The Infinity Funnel

This funnel can feed itself. Don’t believe us? Allow us to enlighten you then. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the Infinity Funnel.

  • Acquiring New Leads. Of course, the first step is all about acquiring new leads. Don’t worry, we’ll be talking about the most effective lead magnets in the next chapter so just keep on reading. Anyway, for the purposes of this chapter, let us simply use a landing page as an example of a lead acquisition tool.

Your landing page should be geared towards acquiring leads by providing value to your potential clients. You need to think about how you're going to improve or add quality to people's lives rather than simply earning from them.

  • Boosting Conversion. Once you’ve gotten their attention and their interest, you now have to think about ways to improve your conversion percentage. You must have effective calls-to-action, and you must lessen the effort of the customer as much as possible.

  • Keeping Your Patrons Engaged. So you’ve converted them, what now? Keep them there! Here’s where the old funnel ends, and where the Infinity Funnel starts its magic. You must keep your clients engaged. Offer a loyalty program. Keep communication lines open. Present other related products and services, both paid and free. Turn passing customers into full-on patrons. These clients would now flow back into the first step of your sales funnel, and the process starts all over again.

  • Setting a Solid Referral Program. Finally, don’t stop there. Take the extra step to build a solid referral program. Let your old clients do the marketing for you to get more people into your ever-growing Infinity Funnel. Don’t forget to give out worthwhile rewards. After all, they’re not only granting you sales as patrons; they are also doing your work for you, as you sit back, relax, and watch your funnel turn into a whirlpool.

Keep in mind that as easy as it may sound, building this funnel actually takes a lot of hard work and creativity. This is not a miracle or get-rich-quick scheme, after all. This funnel can also be very addicting to build. Once you've finished your set-up, you'll always be on the lookout, fixing leaks (spots that lose conversion), and improving your funnel further. So, don't say you've not been warned!

Informative Lead Magnets

Now that you have successfully set up your funnel, let us now talk about effective lead magnets. There are countless ways to get people’s attention online, but the three lead magnets, which we’re going to share with you, are what we’ve found to be the most effective.

Why? It’s because they offer value into people’s lives. They educate people for free. They make people sign-up and leave their emails and other contact information willingly in return for worthwhile freebies. Take note that the keyword here is worthwhile; otherwise, you’ll lose credibility.

The Power of eBooks

First on the list of incredible lead magnets is the eBook. Honestly, who doesn’t want a free book? There are some people who even download titles they are not really that interested in just because it’s a free book.

Don’t know how to write an entire book? Here are a few tips in order to get you started.

1. Use what you already have. If you already have an existing blog, why not combine several blog posts (especially your most popular ones) into one book?

2. Create an outline. If you’re going to write a book from scratch, it’s helpful to have an outline to follow. Don’t know how to create an outline? Just list down all the topics you want to talk about, especially the ones that you already know a lot about. After listing them down, reorganize your list into a sequence that makes sense. Then, add an introduction and a conclusion. Voila! You already have an outline.

3. Just start writing. Finally, you just have to start writing. In fact, if you can’t come up with a witty intro yet, then just leave the intro alone for now. It’s your eBook; write it however you want. You have an outline to follow anyway, so technically, you can start anywhere. Start with the chapter you know the most about. Once you start writing, you’ll simply find the creative juices flowing into the unwritten parts of the book.

Create a guide, a checklist, something that’s more informative rather than a promotional material. As what we have mentioned above, don’t just do stuff to earn profit. Think about how you can improve people’s lives. Don’t take this as a hindrance though. Rather, treat this as an opportunity to promote whatever it is you’re selling stealthily. Don’t shove it to people’s faces. Instead, plant a seed of craving in their minds that will only grow with time.

The Power of Webinars

Here’s a valid question: “But what about people who are not interested in reading?”. Good question. For that kind of crowd, the best way to provide value through information and education is by creating a webinar.

Treat it like creating an eBook but in video form. There are a lot of tutorial videos online that people can access for free, so what makes your video better? That’s the challenge!

One of the things you need to think about is the topics you’ll include in your webinar. What’s already out there? Are there any missing topics or unanswered questions? Try to incorporate those into your webinar. You can take the advice we have offered above on how to write an outline for an eBook to create an outline for your webinar.

And because it’s a “seminar”, make it longer than the usual five-minute video. Segment it into lessons or “chapters”.

Here are some additional tips to get more people to enjoy your webinar:

  • Give a brief overview or outline about the webinar to give people an idea of what they’ll learn from it. Make sure to stick to the outline, though. Nobody wants to sit through a video expecting an answer to a particular question or learn about a particular topic only to find that it’s clickbait.
  • Be credible and look professional. Share your credentials with people. State facts and references. Use trustworthy source materials. Only share what you are 100% sure of.
  • Along with looking professional, invest in your gear as well. Use a quality camera with decent lighting. Have a nice backdrop. Use a good mic. Learn how to edit your videos, or get someone else to do it for you. Basically, what we’re just trying to say is if you’re really determined to do this, then you might as well do it right!
  • Don’t forget to include printables with your webinar. A workbook is a good idea! Coincidentally, we’ll also be talking about workbooks in just a bit.
  • Speaking of printables, you can add a nice touch at the end by providing a downloadable certificate of completion.

The Power of Workbooks

Last on our list of interesting and informative lead magnets (but certainly not the least), what do you have when you combine an instructional webinar with an eBook? A workbook. Workbooks are great because they are interactive. It’s not just a source material that you can refer to. People can put their own personal input in them.

The only tool you will need in the making of a workbook is creativity. Try to come up with insightful questions and fun exercises—those that people will have fun answering more than once. Don’t forget to include the right answers within the workbook as well (only if they’re needed). Don’t leave your customers guessing and frustrated.

Finally, here are a few more ideas to help you with your workbook:

  • You can add it to your eBook.
  • You can use it to supplement your webinar.
  • Plot it out so it will feel like a journey. You’re trying to teach a lesson through your workbook, and the progression of questions and activities is going to help the student grasp that lesson easier.
  • Don’t forget to add page numbers.
  • Add a space for people to write down their personal notes at the end.

Those are the top lead magnets we have found to be most effective. Put them in a place where people can easily access, but make it so that they would have to leave their contact info (or they’d have to subscribe to something) before they can download it.

Lastly, make sure to Indicate that they can easily unsubscribe anyway. And do so! Make the unsub process easy as pie. From there, you can move on to the conversion process of your funnel. Have fun!

Invaluable Ways to Get Noticed

We have already talked about the creative ways to get leads, as well as how to set up the Infinity Funnel. What we haven’t quite talked about, though, is how you’ll get noticed. That’s what we are going to talk about next.

We have already discussed in the intro how important it is to establish your online presence. The challenge is how to do so. The junior marketer would answer that it all depends on SEO. Get your website ranking up there in the top spot of the first page of search results, and you’re good to go.

As a more experienced marketer, though, you know that it’s not the case. After all, everyone is leveling up their SEO game! This is the reason why you need to come up with other ways, aside from your search page rankings, to get noticed.

In this chapter, we are going to share with you the best techniques to get noticed online.

Influential Bloggers

One of the best ways to get noticed online is by getting another website to feature you—a website that already has a lot of followers, and whose owner or contributor is someone that your target crowd can relate to. In this way, you can get your link into that featured post, and every single time someone reads that post, they’ll simply be lead straight to your own landing page or website!

The best type of website to get featured in is at a blog of a very influential blogger. If you can get one that’s specializing in your specific niche, then all the better! For instance, if you’re selling cloth diapers, why not get a mommy blogger to mention you?

What’s even great about these bloggers is the fact that they’re already good at writing. Plus points if you get them to feature you on their social media accounts as well.

Instagram Maidens

Speaking of social media, have you noticed how many followers models have on Instagram? It’s ridiculous! Imagine all those people turning their eyes on you if you can get one of these models to feature you.

All they need to do is write your social handle on a piece of paper and hold it up while taking their selfie. That’s it! Easy, right? Yet so influential. Never underestimate the power of an Instagram maiden. They already have made a lot of websites, products, and services viral.

Interesting Interviews

Finally, here’s a technique you can follow if you don’t want to rely on others for publicity: get interviewed. There are a lot of channels to be interviewed online. You can be a guest of a vlogger on YouTube, get invited to a podcast channel, or even get your interview published in an online article.

The main reason why a lot of marketers and business owners prefer this route is that they’ll do all the talking. Nobody knows about the product or service more than them, so why not?

If you’re planning to go the same route, here are a few tips:

1. Communicate with the interviewer beforehand. Learn the questions and come up with good answers in advance.

2. List down the things you want to share with your crowd and make sure they’re included in your answers somehow.

3. If you see the interviewer’s material somewhat lacking, then don’t be afraid to give your suggestions.

The techniques we have shared with you are all tried and proven effective, so make sure that your landing page or conversion methods are already prepared and running before you try any of the tactics we have mentioned above. You don’t want all your hard work to be put to waste, after all.


Wow, we can’t believe we have finally reached the end. Thank you so much for reading it all the way through, and we sincerely hope that you have learned useful tips and tricks.

As what we have mentioned, the internet is a fast-paced world. Don’t get left behind and simply pay a visit to our website regularly. We always keep it updated on the latest online marketing strategies.

We know you’re already excited to strategize your next marketing campaign. We’re excited for you as well! But before we part ways, allow us to give you one last tip, and that is:

Conversation = Conversion

As an internet marketer, you have probably heard this quote before—that conversation leads to conversion. Most marketers interpret this as engaging with your clients. We, however, actually interpret this as that and more.

Here are the multiple levels behind this simple quote:

1. Engaging in a conversation with a potential customer is a great way to connect with him. It allows for a great first impression, and it gives the customer a chance to voice out his concerns or ask his questions. Doing so would help nudge the potential customer and convert him into a paying one.

2. This conversation is not only made with a new customer but should also be maintained with old patrons. Keep the connection by always providing updates, communicating on a regular basis, and more. Who knows? This old patron might just repurchase from you.

3. Lastly, this conversation is not only limited between you and your client. It can also be a conversation between clients themselves. This happens when your marketing techniques get so effective that people start talking about you. This is probably the best conversation of all, and would definitely turn into a conversion.

Our multileveled interpretation also sheds insight into the world of online marketing. It is multifaceted like a diamond. There are a lot of ways, techniques, channels, and tools you can use. Just be creative and think outside the box. We wish you all the best!

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