Reddit Affiliate Marketing Guide

When it comes to getting more people to your website, you’ve got a ton of options. You can go the physical route – buy a billboard, send out direct mail, or sponsor an event – or you can stick to digital approaches – search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, or email marketing.

Depending on your business and what you’re looking for from your advertising, the right approach for you will vary.

When you think of advertising online, do you think of Google and Facebook ads? If so, there’s a good reason – they make up the majority of price-per-click advertising on the internet.

With billions of Google searches happening every day and over a billion Facebook users, they’re certainly a goldmine for reaching potential customers. However, you’ll likely be paying a pretty penny to get yourself seen on either platform, making it important to consider alternatives.

One of the incredibly popular websites not frequently associated with marketing is Reddit. Reddit is a community website where people can share stories, facts, thoughts, and more with each other.

With simple upvotes and downvotes, the community polices its own content and decides what goes viral and what falls flat. That potential to go viral cannot be understated, as viral content is the marketing that just keeps on giving.

Who Should Advertise

Who Should Advertise on Reddit?

The main thing to keep in mind when considering Reddit as a marketing avenue is that it is very community driven. This isn’t Google, where you can reasonably expect that a person searching for “cheap headphones” would be interested in your ad.

Reddit thrives on shareability, with the potential for virality being the main allure. This will not fit many standard business models – especially those with physical locations. However, if you are a digital business with an interesting product or offer, you could very well be the next big thing.

Reddit’s ability to make something go viral is perfectly exemplified by Potato Parcel – a business that started on Reddit. The idea behind it was simple – send a potato with a message written on it anywhere in the US for a flat rate.

The novelty of the idea made it an overnight success and it went viral, allowing this simple idea to turn in over $100,000 in profit (and counting!). While not everyone will have this level of success, it goes to show the power of shareability on Reddit.

What to Expect from Reddit?

Reddit as a whole is very polarizing – they will either love you or hate you. With a late-teens to early 20’s demographic, the user base is not overly mature and because it is the internet, they are often raring to fight. This means that you have to be careful about your marketing efforts – trying too hard will get you slated, and not trying hard enough may just get you ignored.

However, when done correctly and approved by the Reddit community, there is no better place to be in front of the early-20’s demographic than Reddit.

How Reddit Affiliate Marketing Works?

The first step to Reddit marketing is making an account. Accounts are free, simple to make, and allow you access to post and create advertisements.

Once you’ve got an account, you’ll have to do some research into subreddits – the subcommunities of Reddit – to discover which would be most relevant to your business. For example, if you sell beauty products, you can browse through the various beauty and fashion subreddits that are scattered across the site. If you’re a web design firm, consider looking for subreddits where people are looking for startup help or where people share web design ideas or trends.

Once you’ve got your target set, it’s time to decide on your approach to marketing on Reddit. You have two options: paid promotion and organic posting.

Paid promotion is similar to Google and Facebook ads, where you create an ad and it is attached to the top of the subreddit you choose. This will often be a link to your website and a headline with an offer (discounts, free gifts, and more) to lure them into clicking the link and visiting your site.

Affiliate Marketing

These advertisements are locked from comments (meaning you’ll avoid any backlash) but are also much less visible than a high-engagement organic post because frequent visitors can often develop an “ad blind spot.” You will also have to pay for the promotion, making it more important that you see results.

If you’re feeling brave and truly believe that your product or service can help the community you are targeting, you can consider posting organically on a subreddit. This is less likely to be an ad and more a kind of contribution to the community, with your sales pitch (and link) included somewhere. Rather than saying “come to my website for great deals,” making a post that offers something positive is much less likely to get you attacked.

For example, if you’re on a subreddit for web design and you happen to have a blog post that explains some recent trends in web design that people may find interesting, posting it with a little bit of context is likely to be appreciated. If you were to post about how good your websites are and why people should choose you, you’ll see less success.

Should You Use Reddit for Marketing?

For the majority of businesses, the answer is probably not. There is a very specific type of business that will thrive on Reddit – businesses that have novelty or shareability to them. With the wide variety of advertising methods available, standard businesses may see more of a benefit from targeting potential customers that are interested in buying rather than browsing.

Google ads are great for this because “buyer keywords” are individually targetable rather than just advertising based on browsing habits or the general industry/subreddit you’re targeting. However, if you’re looking for a fresh approach to marketing and think that Reddit fits into your target demographic, give it a try. Just be careful to respect the power of the internet and approach it carefully.

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