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Product Description: I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in July of 2014 mostly to just see what it was all about. I signed up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate but upgraded to their paid Premium membership the very next day. Now that I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 4 years, I decided it’s finally time to write a Wealthy Affiliate review with my findings on whether this is a good program to sign up with or not.

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There are plenty of people who question whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or not when in reality, they should be asking, “What does Wealthy Affiliate do?” As a marketing program that doesn’t promise you thousands of dollars overnight like every other online program, what exactly does it have to offer?

Whether you sign up for the free or paid accounts, there are plenty of great features that you can use to your advantage, especially if you’ve always been interested in being able to make money from home. The simplest answer is that Wealthy Affiliate equips you with the skills you need to make money online.

Who Should Sign Up for Wealthy Affiliate?

The very first thing that you need to figure out is whether you’re the type of person that will be able to benefit from the program or if it will simply be a monthly expense that “sits in the back of your closet” for months at a time. As with any affiliate program, you’ll need to make sure that it’s something that will actually benefit you before you decide to invest in it. A few questions that you should ask yourself to determine whether WA is the right program for you or not, include:

1. Do I want to make money fast?

If you’re looking for a process that will help you make money overnight, this isn’t it, and you’re better off sticking to a day job with a guaranteed salary every week or biweekly.

2. Am I ready to learn?

The entire platform for Wealthy Affiliate is designed around the premise that it teaches you all about internet marketing and becoming an affiliate. This means you should put your thinking cap on and be ready to take in a lot of information that you can put to good use as you become your very own marketing professional.

3. Am I interested in paying for resources?

Like anything that is guaranteed to help you become a better-rounded professional, you have the choice to pay a small fee in order to access the in-depth resources of Wealthy Affiliate (as discussed below). If you’re someone who is looking for free resources, a better alternative is to search for blogs from industry leaders that are free to read.

4. What type of learner am I?

No matter if you’re the type of person that learns best by taking notes or if you prefer to watch educational videos for retaining information, everyone will be able to benefit from the resources on WA. From task-oriented projects to informative videos, there are plenty of teaching materials on the site.

What Resources Are Available Through Wealthy Affiliate?

In order to properly answer, what does Wealthy Affiliate do, you need to take all of the available materials into consideration? By now, you should be aware that there are both text-based and video-based resources, but what do they teach you about? As a very in-depth and comprehensive online program, Wealthy Affiliate touches on everything from keyword implementation to the benefits of PPC marketing.

1. Live Help

Available for the first seven days of a free membership or the duration of your Premium account, you will have access to live help from a Wealthy Affiliate associate. They can help you with navigating through the site, understanding the benefits of the program, and with any other web-based questions that you might have.

2. Website Builders and Backup

No matter if you have a free or paid account, you will be able to take advantage of the website building wizard that can get you started with the foundation for your affiliate marketing. Even though you don’t necessarily need a website to be an affiliate marketer, it’s one of the best ways to learn how to put your knowledge to good use while you’re starting. Along with the website builders, you’ll have a website backup that keeps all of your information saved in the event of crashes.

3. Training Courses

There are dozens of training courses available from Wealthy Affiliate that are direct, objective-based lessons. You will essentially read through different materials and then be required to implement the materials in real-world tasks so that you can get a hands-on understanding of what you just read.

4. Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The Affiliate Bootcamp is one of the most interesting features of Wealthy Affiliate as it’s another trove of educational and training resources that will help you to complete even more task-oriented projects.

5. Video Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Perfect for those who are higher on the visual learning spectrum, there are hundreds of video tutorials that you can watch at your leisure that teach you about plenty of popular online marketing tricks. We love the videos because they are equally as informative as they are entertaining and they don’t take up a lot of time.

6. One-on-One Coaching

If you find that you’re someone who would be interested in working alongside a professional affiliate marketer, with WA, you don’t have to do everything entirely on your own. Each member will have access to one-on-one coaching to help you stay motivated and to achieve all of the business goals you have set for yourself.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Everything that has been mentioned in this guide is available with the help of two different memberships, free and paid. The free membership, known as the Starter Account, is recommended for people who are using the service for the first time and simply want to learn the ins and outs of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

The other available account is the Premium Account, which gives you access to more materials than you could imagine and far more training materials than the Starter Account. Available for $49/month, the Premium Account is recommended for people who are ready to use Wealthy Affiliate to start earning money.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketer

If you’ve ever wondered what does Wealthy Affiliate do, the answer is simple: it gives you the education you need to make money as an affiliate marketer. It’s an entirely web-based platform that offers educational videos, texts, and hands-on tasks to help you become a very well-rounded marketing professional that can actually make a reasonable living from the comfort of your home. With that being said, it’s also a program that you’ll have to put time and effort into in order to reap the benefits, rather than something that promises to make you money overnight.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work: Things You Need to Understand

There are hundreds of thousands of people faced with ads that state, “I’m John Smith and I made $10,000 in one month using this service!” They then sit at their computers wondering what they can do to be in the same position as John Smith, no matter if it requires a $1000 investment. Unfortunately, there are far too many promises on websites that simply aren’t realistic, but Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them. As a program that has been tested and proven true, it has made plenty of people question, “How does Wealthy Affiliate work?” As seemingly one of the last affiliate programs that don’t make empty promises, the WA platform could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

How to Start with Wealthy Affiliate

The very first thing you’re going to need to do is to sign up for an account on the Wealthy Affiliate website and compared to how the site was hosted in the past, it’s far more enticing in today’s day and age. Instead of being forced to pay money in order to gain access to the website’s “secrets”, you can opt for an entirely free account that doesn’t even require a credit card at sign up. This gives you the ability to browse through the basic features and resources that the program has without any hassles, and you can choose to upgrade your account if you desire. Alternatively, if you’re someone who has already decided that Wealthy Affiliate is what you need to learn about online marketing and affiliate links, you can choose the Premium membership right off the bat, which costs $49/month. With that $49, you will have access to thousands of training materials ranging from informative videos to one-on-one coaching to help you achieve most, if not all, of your business goals.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

If you’re someone who is looking for a get-rich-quick solution that will enable you to leave your regular day job within the week, this is not the program for you, as Wealthy Affiliate is something that takes an investment of time and effort. If you’re wondering, how does Wealthy Affiliate work, the easiest way to explain it is that it’s an educational program. With that being said, you will be responsible for reading through different text-based lessons, applying that knowledge to assignments and tasks, and watching various informative videos posted to the site. The way that the program is built is quite similar to an online college or university, which helps to make sure you become the most well-rounded affiliate marketer possible. In order to have the program work in your favor, you’re going to need to establish realistic expectations from the first day that you sign in. You’re not going to be able to quit your job within the week, and you might not even make any money within your first month. However, the more time you invest in learning and applying your new skills, the faster you’ll be able to acquire money.

Learning in a Spam-Free Environment

When it comes to online marketing, a lot of people believe that it means throwing unrelated links all over the internet, and in some cases, this is what the untrained professionals do. Even in some of the most expensive affiliate marketing programs, you’re overwhelmed with spam from other users or upselling from the site itself to try out new products and services. With Wealthy Affiliate, it’s an entirely different environment as they enforce a stringent, no-spam policy and the only upselling you’ll see is if you have a free account and should sign up for Premium. This means you’ll be able to browse through the forum with over 10,000 users and not be burdened by useless links to products and services.

Access to Step-by-Step Training

One of the most important things to know about online learning is that it’s hard to take accountability for the things that you are responsible for learning, especially if there isn’t a guideline to refer to. It’s far too often that people end up signing up for affiliate programs only to be given a single eBook that they have to read at their leisure. In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate helps you to stay accountable and motivated with their step-by-step training model. Once you finish one task, it will immediately prompt you to begin the second task, and the site will keep track of your progress so that you always know what the next step of your training will be.

Access to Website Building Tools

Even if you’re a free member, you will still be able to benefit from the website tools available from Wealthy Affiliate. Even though it’s not necessary to own a website for affiliate marketing, it is recommended, especially when you first emerge onto the market. The built-in website builder will help you to make your very own site (or two, or three, etc.) without needing any previous knowledge in CSS or HTML. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and absolutely anyone will be able to own and manage a website with state-of-the-art hosting.

Learning in an Interactive Environment

Above all else, Wealthy Affiliate is designed to give everyone the ability to learn in an interactive environment if they want to. You can easily go through all of the materials on your own without ever having to engage with another person. However, if you’re a networking personality, you’ll love the community that the program has established. There are interactive classrooms where you can chat with teachers and peers, forums where you can ask, answer, and read questions from other users, and the ability to use a one-on-one coach for personalized teaching. All of these features are entirely optional, but we recommend using them when you first start.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

People who ask how does Wealthy Affiliate work are typically the ones who are most impressed with how the website and training materials are designed. With the ability to help absolutely anyone become the best affiliate marketer that they can be, anyone who signs up for an account will be able to take a few things away from the courses and training materials. It’s a relatively straightforward program that has a lot of information for you to go through and it’s also designed to help keep you motivated to achieve your business goals, as long as you are willing to put in the work.Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It: An In-Depth Review. When you’re asking, “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?”, you’re going to want to take the opinion of members and non-members into consideration. This is because people who are signed up for the service are undoubtedly going to be impressed and those who aren’t, will be able to look at it critically. In this in-depth review, we’re going to give both an inside and outside perspective on the program to determine whether or not you should invest your time and money into the ever-growing affiliate marketing program.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

The first thing that you should know is what Wealthy Affiliate is and what it promises to give you. It appears to be that the majority of marketing materials the program puts out claims that the program is not designed to make you a millionaire overnight but to instead educate you on what it means to be an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is an incredibly competitive field, especially as it gives anyone the ability to make money from home, and in our personal opinion, having as much information before you get started is of the utmost importance. The entire program revolves around giving you specialized techniques and tools to help you make the most out of your time, even if you’re someone who has never delved into internet marketing in the past. Essentially, you could wake up one morning and decide that you want to make money from home and find the resources on Wealthy Affiliate to be incredibly useful. With that being said, they do not have much to offer for people who have become established affiliate marketers. You’ll have access to plenty of resources ranging from a training boot camp to informational videos designed to teach you about keyword integration, PPC, the importance of titles, and more. What we like the most about the platform is that all of its information can be applied to different types of internet marketing, instead of focusing solely on affiliate marketing.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Another common question that comes along with the question “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?” is whether it’s a scam or not. In all honesty, we’d have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not a scam because, in exchange for your membership payments or not (we’ll discuss this later), you’re getting a trove of resources that you can put to good use. It’s not as if you are paying a certain amount of money per month for a set lesson plan that never updates or changes. Wealthy Affiliate is always evolving and has plenty of great networking tools for you to use. You will learn how to easily build websites, how to set and achieve business goals, have access to courses, tutorials, and new videos uploaded regularly. This doesn’t even include the members-only forum where you can ask questions to older members and industry professionals, as well as help to answer any questions that other new users might have.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Grow with You?

Internet marketing is one of the few industries where professionals always have to learn new things to be implemented to make the most of their time. For example, in the past, short-form keywords were the main thing to focus on when blogging, but today, it’s more about longtail keywords than anything else. That leads people to wonder if Wealthy Affiliate is the type of program that will grow with all of the innovative changes the internet experiences. The answer is yes, simply because the majority of the resources on Wealthy Affiliate apply to the most current marketing practices. It’s also important to remember that plenty of information, such as the videos, add new content regularly to keep up with the evolving infrastructures. On the other end of the spectrum, you’re going to want to ask yourself, “Is Wealthy Affiliate something that will grow with me as I gain more experience?” This is one of the largest concerns for plenty of users and non-users alike, as Wealthy Affiliate is a program specifically designed to help you get off your feet. Even the forum is filled with new members who are trying to get more out of the program so that they can become established as well. The more experienced you are, the less useful the resources on the platform will be to you, but you can still use Wealthy Affiliate to help others and to spread your current knowledge.

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Now that you are aware of all of the resources you can use to your advantage when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, it’s time to discuss the membership fees so that you can determine whether the rich content is worth paying for or not. There are two main membership options available: Starter and Premium. As you can guess, the Starter account is going to offer far fewer features than the Premium account; however, if you’re just trying to learn the basics of the program, you might not need everything in the Premium membership. Nonetheless, the Starter membership is entirely free, and you get offered a seven-day promotion that gives you 59% off of the cost of Premium membership for the first month. With Premium, you will be paying $49 every month to have access to the materials through Wealthy Affiliate. As long as you can take the information that you learn and put it to good use, you’ll be able to make more than enough money to cover your membership costs just by having a few different affiliate links to work with.

Is Wealthy Affiliate really worth it?

It’s easy for people to sit back and ask, “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?” As with any affiliate or marketing program, it’s recommended that you consider whether it’s something you’ll actually put the time into in the future. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few affiliate programs that doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire overnight, which is comforting, and it has plenty of valuable resources that you can put to good use as an online marketer. That said, we’d recommend at least trying the Starter membership so that you can get an idea of what you’ll be paying for if you decide to sign up for the Premium membership. At the end of the day though, when you sign up for the paid account, you’ll learn a lot about the internet and how to use it to your advantage to make money.Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam: The Truth About Affiliate ProgramsThere isn’t a shortage of people who think that affiliate programs are a scam, especially as they supposedly give you the ability to make money online, but you can guarantee that there are programs that are legit. This leads people to wonder and ask, “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?” In all honesty, it’s one of the most in-depth sites that you can sign up for, and you do have the ability to make money through their platform, but it requires more work than you initially thought.

The Stigmas of Affiliate Programs

The main concern that you should have with any affiliate program is that there is always a group of people, likely hired by the owners of the program, which tout huge incentives that simply aren’t realistic. For example, when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, you’re always going to find a group of bloggers that state you can make up to $10,000 a day by posting your links around the internet which is simply untrue. These posts and individuals are what add to the stigma of making money online, and as a result, you should always do your research. Another significant issue with affiliate programs is the people who assume they can start out making a full-time salary with zero experience and zero interest in putting their time and effort into the process. With Wealthy Affiliate specifically, they focus on giving you the knowledge and tools that you need to become successful, but they certainly do not promise outrageous results without having to put any work into your venture.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

As mentioned, the main backbone of the Wealthy Affiliate program is to educate users on how affiliate marketing works and they teach you how to implement what you’ve learned into real-world scenarios. They also give you the tools that you need to start earning money, though it certainly won’t be a lot of money at first. This is one of the best ways that you can answer “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?” because they truly offer you everything that they claim to; it just might not be what you were expecting. A few of the resources that you’ll find include:

1. Members-Only Forum

The members-only forum is specifically designed for people to read through important information about how others have become successful using the program. It’s the perfect place for new users to ask questions, get in touch with other new affiliate marketers, and talk to industry professionals who have gone through the Wealthy Affiliate program and now make a reasonable living from home. It’s essentially a giant portal for networking with other users.

2. Affiliate Bootcamp

When you visit the Affiliate Bootcamp page, you’ll have access to ten different lessons that are entirely free and teach you about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. This is one of the most recommended teaching resources on the site that you should consider visiting, as you will need all of that information to make the most out of your time.

3. Trending Training Videos

Some other great resources that you can use are the Trending Training videos, which are available directly on the home page. Instead of reading through different lessons or participating in task-based lessons, you can watch videos that explain how to use various marketing tools. For example, understanding what PPC (Pay Per Click) is and what it can do for you and your affiliate links. By now, it’s easy to see a trend beginning to form as Wealthy Affiliate does not focus on making you pay for a membership and then throwing you into a sea of millions of other internet users trying to do the same thing. There are plenty of educational resources designed to teach you how to market your affiliate links effectively, rather than adding more spam to the World Wide Web.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost Anything?

Any affiliate program that charges a substantial amount of money upfront is something that you should be wary of, and you should also second guess any programs that are entirely free. It’s important to remember that someone has to create and maintain the in-depth web-based program, which means someone needs to get paid when members sign up. Instead of being enticed to pay $100 at signup and then $100 every month after that, Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership, known as the “Starter” membership and it will cost $0 for as long as you use the service. However, with the “Starter” account, you’re not going to have access to as many tools and resources as you would with the “Premium” membership, which is normal. For “Premium” members, it’s $19 for the first month if you take advantage of the 59% discount and every month after that is $47. The most important thing to know before you start asking, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam, is that you are literally paying for educational materials and specialized tools, such as an integrated keyword search, to help market your affiliate links. It’s certainly not a scam that is only trying to get your money with the promise of millions of dollars in return. It’s a program that is designed to help you become a better online marketer so that you can easily stand against the competition.

The Only Downfall to Wealthy Affiliate

There isn’t a single program on the internet that doesn’t have faults, and with that being said, Wealthy Affiliate does have a downside that will become an annoyance over time. As a program that is incredibly user-friendly, the platform is targeted directly at beginners and people who know relatively nothing about affiliate marketing. As you begin to learn the ins and outs of the industry, you might grow out of the resources that are available on the program and want to cancel your membership. However, it’s a great trove of resources for people who are just starting out.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Do we think Wealthy Affiliate is a scam? Definitely not, but you need to be aware of what you’re signing up for. As a web-based platform that is designed to help teach you about what affiliate marketing is as well as providing you with useful built-in tools to help you make the most out of your website and/or blog, there are indeed things that you can take away from the program and put to good use over the years.How Much Money Can You Make with Wealthy Affiliate and Other QuestionsWorking from home is the type of job that anyone can wrap their mind around, especially as you can make a reasonable living while sitting in your pajamas. What most people don’t realize is that working from home takes up more time and energy than a traditional in-person job, especially when it comes to affiliate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re curious about learning how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate, this guide is designed to teach you about the program itself and the figures that you can see rolling in with commitment and drive.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?

With the birth and booming popularity of the internet, it gave plenty of people a stage for bringing all of their scams and promises to light, but when it comes to most affiliate programs, they’re most certainly not a scam. When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, you will not get rich quick, even if you see plenty of people with their own websites promising outrageous results. What will happen with this particular affiliate program is you will learn the ins and outs of internet marketing and how you can make the most of your time. With the right training and tools, you can be ready to market within three to six months.

How Much Time Do You Have to Put into Wealthy Affiliate?

For many people, time is money, and in most cases, you’re certainly going to want to maintain your regular day job while you get your bearings with the Wealthy Affiliate program. With that being said, you’re going to have to make a strong commitment to the program to where you spend at least two hours every day of the week learning how you can market products effectively to get the most money possible. Even though that might seem like a lot of time to invest, the more you know, the easier it will be to answer the question “How much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate?”

Do You Have to Put Money into Wealthy Affiliate?

As with most affiliate programs, you will be required to pay a small fee in order to access all of the learning materials, but as long as you stay committed, you will have the ability to gain your membership fees back in less than an hour. When choosing a membership, you have two options of either spending $359/12 months or $49/month, depending on how you’d prefer to pay.

How Can You Make the Most Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

The perfect recipe for getting the most out of your time using the affiliate program is the combination of time, interest, and ability. Your time is all dependent on how much you’d like to allocate to your new venture, though we’d recommend spending as much time as possible at the beginning so that you can establish a strong foundation. Your interest is also important, as you’ll be marketing products and you’re going to want to make sure that you have a passion for the things you’ll be trying to sell to other people. Finally, your ability is more important than time and interest since you’re going to need skills to help you make the most money possible. When choosing the right products for you to affiliate yourself with, you’re going to want to think of the perfect niche that you believe will sell well and that you can get behind. There’s nothing more transparent than someone who is trying to market a product that they don’t believe in, and customers are sure to see right through your sale’s pitch. It’s always recommended that you spend a sufficient amount of time searching through the right products to find the ones that you’re passionate about, rather than simply selecting the top selling items and trying to sell them to your friends and family members. Ability is also essential, as it refers to the skills that you will learn in order to make the most out of your time on Wealthy Affiliate. At first, you can guarantee that you’re not going to bring home $10,000/month. However, if you spend the right amount of time using your training materials and diversifying your skills, you can earn a full-time income from home with ease. As similar to all affiliate programs, the amount of money that you make is all dependent on your know-how and allocation of time.

Do You Always Have to Put Time into Wealthy Affiliate?

As mentioned, this particular affiliate program is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so it’s easy to understand how you’re going to need to put your time and effort into the program. With that being said, there are ways that you can set it up to where you can spend less time on Wealthy Affiliate and still make money. For example, if you have your affiliate links on blogs or on forums where people will easily be able to access them, the money will start to come in without you having to market your affiliate links across the internet constantly. It’s important to remember, though, that the more time and energy you put into Wealthy Affiliate, the more likely you are to earn upwards of $1500/month when you first start using the program. As your skills develop and as you get a stronger understanding of how to use the platform to your advantage, you can easily bring home over $4000/month by marketing a vast array of products.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate programs are anything but easy, especially at the beginning, but when it comes to figuring out how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate, the answer isn’t as cut and dry as people think. The more time and effort that you put into affiliate marketing, the return on your investment of time will always be substantial. After you have established your links and your marketing tactics in various areas of the internet, you can then sit back and allow the money to come to you without having to put a lot of work into the task. With the ability to make upwards of $1500/month at home with little to no overhead expenses, the idea of affiliate marketing is something that has enticed people from around the world to use to their advantage.

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